The Capital Area Chapter of NIRI is offering a scholarship for the IRC exam during the November 2019 testing window

To encourage our chapter members to enhance their knowledge and skills, the Capital Area Chapter of NIRI will offer an Investor Relations Charter (IRC™) scholarship.

Who may apply for the Capital Area Chapter scholarship?
Upon successfully completing the November 2019 IRC exam, any Capital Area NIRI Chapter member may apply for the chapter’s scholarship which will reimburse the individual for the $1,095 initial application fee. If you are considering taking the exam and want to determine your eligibility for the IRC exam, please visit

Testing Window Timelines
The Scholarship is available to NIRI Capital Area members who successfully pass the November 16-23, 2019 IRC exam.  The scholarship winner will be reimbursed for the testing fee of $1,095.  The initial application deadline for the November 2019 exam sitting is Sept. 21, 2019 (for the exam fee of $1,095).  From Sept. 22, 2019 and until Oct. 19, 2019 exam registrations are open; however, the fee increases to $1,295. The chapter deadline for submitting your application for the scholarship for the exam testing window of November 2019 is Monday, Dec.16, 2019. A winner will be selected and notified approximately two weeks after the application deadline

All of those interested will be asked to provide to the Capital Area Chapter of NIRI’s Scholarship Committee no more than two type-written pages of information regarding:

  • Current job role;
  • Career goals (short-term or long-term);
  • Commitment to continuing education (other courses/seminars);
  • Involvement in NIRI;
  • Expected benefit from the IRC;
  • Financial need (i.e. do you have access to company financial support); and
  • Background in IR or related fields.

Please email your written application and submit questions to Capital Area NIRI Scholarship Committee