NIRI Capital Area

The benefits of joining the local chapter, which costs $100 annually, include:

  1. Networking: Your local NIRI officers, advisory board, and members have many years of combined practical experience on which you can draw. They can offer valuable advice and additional networking contacts.
  2. Educational programs: Chapter Events are held six time a year, designed to provide an enriching and stimulating forum to learn about the investor relations field. Group discussions with investor relations practitioners, and accounting and legal experts will allow you to stay abreast of the latest developments.
  3. People like you: When you join the Capital Area Chapter, you will become a member of an organization of professionals who face the same investor relations challenges as you confront. As of January 2011, our membership profile was:
Breakout by Market Capitalization:
  • Mega-cap: Over $100 billion: 7 members
  • Large-cap: $10 billion–$100 billion : 4 members
  • Mid-cap: $1 billion–$10 billion : 22 members 
  • Small-cap: $100 million–$1 billion: 12 members 
  • Micro-cap: $10 million-$100 million : 11 members
  • Nano-cap: Below $10 million : 0 members

Total - 56 listed firms have members in the Capital Area Chapter

Want to Join?

Enrollment is easy and quick. For more information, click here and we will send you a new member packet, containing further information about what our organization has to offer.

Joining NIRI National

Local Capital Area Chapter Members are also NIRI National Members. To join NIRI National, either call NIRI's membership office at (703) 562-7672  or go to Want to Join, fill out the form and click submit. In either case, a member of our organization will get in touch with you personally to answer any questions you might have.

NIRI Capital Area Chapter Members

Access to the NIRI Capital Area chapter membership list is restricted to NIRI members only and requires your national member ID and password. Visit NIRI National for more information